So you want to be a vampire? Whether it be for a Halloween costume, school play, Twilight party, or just because you think vampire fangs are a necessary part of your wardrobe, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re like most of our users, you went to your local superstore in search of some wicked fangs and came out a little disappointed. Most of the vampire fangs you can find in stores are not very realistic, don’t match your teeth, or likely won’t fit very well. Our goal is to lay out the simplest way to make a quality set of vampire teeth that are custom fit to your mouth.

Our site is still new so we have many more helpful tips on the way. If you have a question or want us to add a particular topic, please contact us! If you read through the site and find that making your own vampire teeth is just not for you, we’ve provided a page with several websites where you can find some high quality pre-made fangs.  Good luck!

Here are the steps you’ll take to make your own vampire fangs:

Gather Supplies Impress Your Model
Overview Create Your Fangs
Impress Your Teeth Polish
Make a Dental Model Proper Use
Sculpt Your Fangs Troubleshooting