Overview: How Your Dentist Would Make Fangs

The first step on your way to “Dracularization” is to make a replica of your teeth.  It’s called a dental model or cast (see above).   It will be much easier to create fangs custom-fit to your mouth if you can actually hold your teeth in your hands and sculpt the fangs just the way you want them.

We’ll make this model by first creating an impression or negative mold of your teeth which we will then fill with a casting material to give us the positive model we’re wanting.

Your dentist does this kind of thing all the time and you’ve likely seen these models sitting around his or her office.  You may have had your own impression taken and models made when you had your teeth whitened, braces put on, a crown made for your tooth, etc. Trust us, this is such a delightful experience you’d have a hard time forgetting it!

A dentist typically uses a material called alginate (the impression material).  It comes as a powder to which water is added creating a big bowl of slimey goop.  While it’s still a little runny, the goopy material is slapped into a tray with a spatula and then inserted into your mouth engulfing your teeth.  (Check out those rockin’ Batman glasses on the last picture – how fitting!)

In about three minutes time, the goop sets up and becomes a gelatinous material.  It’s still a little flexible but retains its shape very well.  This is important if you want to remove the impression from your mouth without damaging it.


The dentist will then fill the impression with dental stone.  This is another powder and water mixture.

The stone sets up in about a half hour’s time and is hard as a rock (that’s why it’s called stone!).  The new dental model is removed from the alginate impression and voila!

A gorgeous set of teeth is staring right back at you!

So, let’s list off the materials a dentist would use.  We mentioned a tray, alginate impression material, a mixing bowl and spatula, and dental stone.  Dentists have special access to these types of materials, but believe it or not, so do you!  In case you’ve forgotten, we’ve listed stores and websites where you can purchase similar materials on our supplies page.

Now let’s get to the good stuff!