Before we get into the supplies you’ll need, let’s get a few things straight. First of all, there is a learning curve if you’ve never done anything like this before. You’ll learn some new terminology (new or important terms are hilighted in bold) and deal with some unique materials. It may be an entirely new experience so the key to doing this right is in taking your time. Read through the instructions as many times as it takes to fully understand the process and spend some time experimenting with the materials that we’ll be showing you. You’ll be sporting some serious vampire fangs before you know it!

This would be a great place to throw in a disclaimer as well. Use these instructions at your own risk! We will provide plenty of guidelines and instruction on the proper fabrication of vampire teeth as it pertains to your safety and well-being. That being said, if you are unsure about any of the material presented here, please find another method of obtaining your own vampire fangs. We also have a Terms of Use page that we expect all of our users to review and fully understand.

Now, let’s get started! You’ll need some unique supplies on your vampire journey. Here we’ve posted all the supplies we used that are not commonly found at home.  We’ve listed the brick and mortar store where we found the item as well as an internet website where these items can be found.  Alternative materials are suggested for some products as well. The other supplies you may need will be introduced throughout our instructions.

Depending on what kind of stores are at your fingertips, you may or may not have access to the same products that we do, but keep in mind there are numerous materials that will get the job done.  We’ve done our best to describe each item in a way that you’ll be able to find equivalent items without difficulty.  If you are limited by the kinds of stores in your own area, just follow the internet links.  Please contact us if you find a link that is broken.

Item Description In stores: Online:

Activa InstaMold

The material we used to take an impression or negative mold of our teeth.  Dentists use a similar material called alginate that is derived from seaweed.  Be sure to use a product that is labeled as safe for use with your body. Hobby Lobby CreateForLess

3D Gel

Similar to Instamold, but much less quantity. Hobby Lobby Hobby Lobby

Activa PermaStone

The casting material we poured into our impression to make a stone model of our teeth.  This is the sister product to InstaMold. Hobby Lobby ACE Art Supplies

Sculpey III

Sculpey is a polymer clay that can be easily molded and then hardened by placing it in the oven.  Its a little more firm than oil-based clay which made it ideal for our use.  This is a 2 oz. block. Hobby Lobby Amazon
Blick Art Materials

Vab Aken Modeling Clay

Oil-based modeling clay is very easy to manipulate and doesn’t dry out.  Not as firm as the Sculpey but still a good option.  This is 1 lb. Hobby Lobby Blick Art Materials
Kit Kraft

Beauty Secrets Nail Acrylic

Nail acrylic comes as a powder and liquid.  Be mindful of the powder’s color.  Acrylic typically comes in white, clear, and pink.  We used “natural” color. Sally Beauty Sally Beauty
Beauty Secrets


Play-Doh comes in handy if you want to make a sturdy tray for the impression of your teeth.  You could use any other kind of clay, but if you have some Play-Doh handy it seems to work best. You can find many homemade recipes with a quick internet search. Walmart Amazon

Friendly Plastic

Another material handy for making a custom-fit tray.  Pretty cool stuff and very cheap. Hobby Lobby Hobby Lobby
Create For Less
Sunshine Crafts

Rotary Tool

A rotary tool is commonly called a “Dremel” after the popular brand.  We purchased a Black & Decker rotary tool that was much cheaper and works extremely well.  A great tool for all kinds of crafts.  You may need to purchase extra collets and burs to trim your fangs up just right. Walmart Amazon

Emery Board

An emery board can help you get an extra fine polish on your fangs.  It can also replace the rotary tool if you don’t mind working a little harder to shape and polish your teeth. Walmart

Temporary Dental Cement

Temporary dental cement is readily available at most drug stores.  It can come in handy if you really need to make sure those fangs stay put.  We highly recommend this as a safety measure even for the best-fitting fangs. Walmart


  • Supplies
  • Overview: How Your Dentist Would Make Fangs
  • Step 1: Impressing Your Teeth
  • Step 2: The Dental Model
  • Step 3: Sculpting Your Vampire Teeth
  • Step 4: Impressing Your Model
  • Step 5: Creating Your Fangs
  • Step 6: Polishing
  • Proper Use Of Your New Vampire Fangs
  • Troubleshooting